Eltest – inspection office

Electrotechnical expert and electric services

Business Description:

Electrotechnical expert and inspection office & electric services: it is ELTEST, s.r.o. We supply electric inspection of wiring and appliances, tools, conductors, installation, repairs, electric inspection of appliances, electro, electric inspection of wiring.

Other information:

Electric inspection of wiring and appliances, inspection of gas installations, pressure vessels, electric inspection of appliances, installation of fire-proof plugs and spraying of cables.

Our Products:


Electric inspection, Electrical reviews, Reviews of electrical devices
Business Activity Specification:

Retail, Services

Business Branch:

  • assembling, repairs, and maintenance of dedicated electrical equipment, and manufacture of low voltage switchboards
  • inspection of electrical installation under 1,000 V including conductors in buildings Class A
  • installation and repairs of measurement and control equipment
  • execution of heat and noise insulation

Electric inspection

Electric inspection of wiring and appliances, electric services, installation, repairs, reconstruction, design, expert assessments, electric inspection, determination of ambient, installation of fire-proof plugs and spraying of cables and structures by fire-proof materials.

Electrical reviews

The company Eltest provides audit, assessment and expert review activities in the field of electronics. Expert review of electro proposes the necessary measures to remove the defective electrical equipment. Revision of electrical device is without voltage limits.

Reviews of electrical devices

We review electrical device and all inspection, expert and assessment activities in the field of electrical reviews. Our technicians directly by you will ensure the periodic inspections and reviews of electrical devices and tools according to existing ČSN.